TICMS & IWP Joint Workshop on Conjugated Polymers


On the 40+101th anniversary of University of Tsukuba, this workshop will be held in honor of achievement concerning discovery and development of conducting polymers by Dr. Hideki Shirakawa, who is a professor emeritus of University of Tsukuba and Nobel laureate of chemistry in 2000. This TICMS & IWP joint workshop on conjugated polymers will consist of 7 invited lectures given by outstanding scientists whose topics of researches are closely related to &#960-conjugated polymeric materials. The keynote speeches will be followed by poster presentations on the same topics in the session of IWP 2013

Workshop chair: Masashi Kijima (Univ. Tsukuba, Japan). 
Special Invited speaker: Uwe H. F. Bunz, (Ruprecht Karl Univ. Heidelberg, Germany)
Invited Speakers: Takeshi Yasuda (NIMS, Japan), Itaru Osaka (RIKEN, Japan), Takaki Kanbara (Univ. Tsukuba, Japan), Hiromasa Goto (Univ. Tsukuba, Japan), and Yohei Yamamoto, Univ. Tsukuba, Japan).


September 5th, 2013


University of Tsukuba (Daigakukaikan Conference Room), Japan


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Registration Fees are free for all participants, who registered his/her name and title, affiliation, and e-mail address by e-mail to kijima[at]ims.tsukuba.ac.jp (change [at] to @) with a message subject of ‘WS of Conjugated Polymers’.

Abstract and Proceedings

Abstract submission (deadline: July 31, 2013) is closed.

TICMS2013 proceeding will be electronically published in a category of
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering   by IOP Publishing.
All invited and recommended speakers can submit a paper to the proceedings.

The maximum length of the manuscript is 8 pages for the invited speakers, and 6 pages for
the recommended speakers, respectively. Detailed information for authors is available in

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